What we are

A Local Church

In the Bible the word for church (Ekklesia in Greek) is on one occasion used to describe a crowd of people who assembled in an amphitheatre (Acts 19:32).  That helps to explain what the Bible intends us to understand by the word ‘Church’ — We are an assembly (or Church) of Christians who meet in Maryhill.  To cast a little more light on what a Church is, consider three different titles which are given to Churches in the Bible:

Churches of God

This title is frequently used in the Bible (e.g. 1 Timothy 3:15).  It is a reminder that God is the owner of the Church, and therefore His express wishes are to be obeyed by those in it.  That is why we highly prize accurate Bible teaching—it provides the correct basis for all our activity, both as individuals and as a Church.

Churches of Christ

The gathering of Christians together is not our own idea.  The Lord Jesus said “I will build my church”  (Matthew 16:18).  Gatherings of Christians are therefore referred to in the Bible as the Churches of Christ (Romans 16:16).  He is the unseen builder, providing everything required for the life of the Church.

Churches of the Saints

In the Bible, “Saint” is not used to describe dead people who did something remarkable in their lifetime; rather it is applied to every Christian!  It carries the idea of holiness, and “Churches of the Saints” (1 Corinthians 14:33) teaches us that God demands a certain standard of behavior from His people in His house.

Read our short booklet, “The First Church“, to find out more.